3 alternatives to normal water that keep you hydrated during the hot summer months!

Water is essential for our body! Keeping ourselves hydrated is most important during the hot summer months. It makes sure, that nutrients are transported through our cells and flushes out toxins that gather in our cells, due to an unbalanced nutrition.

But what if the boring taste of normal water hinder us from drinking enough?

Thanks God there are lots of alternatives that hydrate our bodies (maybe even better) than water:

1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is an isotonic drink, that not only rehydrates you but has a lot of other benefits that come with it! It is very rich in nutrients and contains five essential electrolytes that are present in the human body. These include: calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium! This can also help to reduce a high blood pressure and helps your digestive system.

Due to its similarity to human blood plasma coconut water can even be used to save lives in an emergency! Isn’t that freaking amazing?

2. Tea

Fruit and herbal teas are a great alternative to water and some of them also come with additional benefits and can be enjoyed hot or cold!
Herbal teas like peppermint, dandelion, or fennel reduce bloating and calm your stomach if you had heavy or acidic foods.

Fruit teas that include berries can provide your body with antioxidants which are needed to keep our body’s youth!

Opt for organic whole leaf teas and not the packaged ones that you find in the supermarket. The quality and health benefits are very different, and basically what you will get in a tea bag is only the dust from the leftovers of the better quality whole tea leaves!

3. Fruit Infused Water

Especially in the summer you will love this one! Chop your favorite fruits and throw them in your water bottle! Our favorite combination for the perfect refreshment is blueberries, oranges and fresh mint leaves!
The healthiest combination would be lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint, and it basically tastes like a virgin mojito 🙂

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