Detox Delight offers a special package for the holy month of Ramadan

The Dubai-based company Detox Delight presents an exclusive Ramadan package to help your body retain all the vital vitamins and goodness it needs during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan the lack of food and drink throughout the day, as well as the extra stress placed on your digestion system by breaking fast at Iftar, can take its toll on your metabolism, leaving you feeling tired and bloated.  At Detox Delight we understand the effects that fasting can have on your body and have created an exclusive Ramadan package, with a carefully designed menu to help your body recover and revive. All our delicious juices are organic, vegan and made in UAE.


Tradition can be maintained as you break your fast with two delicious organic dates, grown right here in the UAE on Greenheart Organic Farms before you indulge in a 100% raw, vegan, organic and freshly prepared hearty Detox Soup. Combine this with our refreshing Detox Lemonade during your Iftar, and you’ll make sure your body is packed with vitamins and minerals after spending the whole day without food or drink. The addition of nutritious liquid food into your diet helps to give your metabolism a much needed boost.


Fasting for long periods throughout the day at this time of year means it is especially important to pace your food intake and not overload your digestive system. With Detox Delight’s healthy and hearty juices and soups, your digestive system can easily regain a plethora of vital vitamins and organic goodness. Our delicious juices also help maintain your energy levels, strengthening your immune system, providing your cells with energy, while balancing your acid-base. All of this is achieved without sending your blood sugar soaring, as all our juices are sugar and additive free.


Ramadan is the ideal opportunity to break the eternal vicious food cycle of  delicious, but oh so unhealthy sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods. Our carefully designed Ramadan menu, which continues with two fruit and vegetable juices to drink throughout the evening, will help you break the cycle of industrially processed foods, leaving you with more desire for fresh natural foods, fruits and vegetables. Snacking is even made healthier with our Snack Delights; the moreish Spicy Chips and Crunchy Granola as well as the brand new Raw Vegan White Chocolate Cranberry Bar which help to keep your evening hunger at bay.

The Ramadan package by Detox Delight will help you choose wisely during the Holy Month of Ramadan.


Our recommendation is to start with a 5-day program, which is available for 1950 Dhs including delivery to Abu Dhabi!